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A perfect blend of sweet, spicy and tangy flavors. Super simple to put together for those busy days or nights. Just make sure to make this in a big enough bowl, so the mixing part is easy for you.


Lettuce of your choice.

Cooked chicken. I usually get this one from Target. This particular brand is one of my favorites.

Half a red bell pepper sliced or you can dice it if you wish.

This ingredient adds a lot of flavor to this salad. I like to add a lot of it but you can start by adding just less then half a bunch of cilantro as shown here.

My most favorite of all is mint and this is basically what adds a punch to this salad. combined with cilantro, it adds a burst of fresh flavors to the Asian salads. You can add as much as you like. I like to add in 10-12 leaves for this recipe.

Add all the ingredients to a large bowl and set aside.


In a separate bowl. Add the following ingredients and mix well.

This, you guys is so so good! I use a lot of Trader Joe’s ingredients in my recipes and this I love a lot for so many dishes. Start by adding a tablespoon of this chili onion crunch to a bowl.

Another favorite from Trader Joe’s. I use this in my Asian recipes instead of soy sauce. Definitely a much healthier option and on the sweeter side. Great for stir-fry dishes as well. Add 2 tablespoons of these coconut aminos to the bowl.

Add fresh juice of a full lemon.

I have been using this Sriracha sauce from Trader Joe’s forever and love it in my dressings. They also have a green version which I really dig as well! You will add 1 tablespoon of this to the bowl.

Add 1/2 a cup of chopped green onions to the bowl of salad.

Mix all the ingredients well in the bowl of dressing and drizzle over the salad.

Mix the salad well so all the veggies and protein are coated with the delicious dressing, then serve & enjoy!

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