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Happiness In A Bowl – CUATRO LECHES

Who does not feel like indulging in a bowl of comforting dessert. I had one of the best desserts which was gluten-free and so so good at this particular place!

Del Mar village is a beautiful small coastal gem in San Diego, with numerous places to explore for the food lovers. All restaurants here offer a great selection but some are unique. One of my favorite among these is Cafe Secret.

"Cafe Secret is not very visible to many unless you are taking a stroll on the street. That is how I came across Cafe Secret, a fascinating little place covered and hidden with dense plantation. It is a Peruvian restaurant serving an array of unique dishes."

This was my first time trying Peruvian food and I was excited and looking forward to the experience. The server was super helpful and explained some of the dishes and flavor combinations.

What we ate for our main course

We took our server;s recommendation and ordered the Chaufa, which is the Shrimp & Pork Peruvian-Cantonese fried rice and Fish Clasico. Both the dishes were very flavorful and delicioso!  The fried rice was like traditional Chinese fried rice and had a good mix of savory meats and flavors. The Fish Clasico was unique as it was actually a ceviche. They prepare this dish with fresh caught fish and serve it with some crispy and tangy nuts on the side. After we enjoyed our Peruvian meals, we were looking forward to trying one of their desserts.

You ready for the AMAZING dessert!

I'm not calling it Happiness in A Bowl for no reason.”

They only had three desserts on the menu, but “THREE AMAZING” desserts. This is where I would say “quality is better than quantity.” All three desserts sounded very interesting and unique, but the one that stood out the most was “Cuatro Leches.” This is a gluten-free dessert served with with fresh strawberries and Italian meringue. And believe me, one of the best gluten-free desserts I have tasted. It is guilt-free, melts in your mouth, not overpowering, has the right texture and smoothness and an absolute delight for the coconut lovers. I love the presentation which is both classy and rustic. It is perfect for summer as well as winter. This dessert for me was truly the star of the show.

About the restaurant

Overall, the restaurant itself is romantic, elegant, and classy, a perfect place for a lunch or dinner date. They have outside patio seating as well as inside. The outside patio seating is covered with beautiful plantation all over, where we got a table. It reminded me about dining in Paris a few years back. As people walk by on the street while you sip a glass of good wine and enjoy delicious food, laughs and indulging desserts. Truly a hidden Gem in a beautiful coastal town of San Diego with great atmosphere and amazing food!

Can’t wait to go back and try some more of their dishes!


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