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Marketplace Grille

Yes, another mediterranean eatery which serves THE BEST kabobs! I love love love kabobs and I think this place has become one of my favorite go to's. Located in the Sorrento Valley area, this place is kind of a hidden jem. What intrigued me about this place was their amazing clay oven right next to the entrance, where all the magic happens. Then as you walk in a little further, you will see that it's not a huge place, but it's very well organized and has kind of a casual bistro setting.

The sample dishes are displayed in a glass deli, so you know exactly what to expect on your plate. Everything looked so tempting in that deli, it was hard to decide what I should get. There were different sorts of kabobs, salads, rice plates and combinations of other dishes to choose from. I finally decided to get the beef kabob plate with fresh cucumber salad which accompanied with a few pieces of grilled zucchini and squash.

And now, the moment I have been waiting for, I was invited by the owner, who was such a sweet lady, to watch all the action behind the scenes. We walked behind the clay oven and she showed me how the meats are grilled on that huge clay oven. It was a very fascinating experience to see the kabobs being grilled right in front of you. The oven obviously was set at a very high temperature and the owner did an awesome job grilling the kabobs and veggies to perfection while giving me a tour of the area.