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How To Add Superfoods In Your Diet

Superfoods are amazing for your health! But what are they?

Superfoods are an excellent combination of essential minerals and elements, which are known to improve our health by boosting immunity, vitality and guards us against developing infections and disease. Superfoods come in many different forms such as powder, liquid, tablets, frozen and nuts/seeds. You could actually be consuming a superfood but may not be aware of it. For example, fish like salmon, vegetables like kale, fruits such as berries, some nuts and seeds etc. However, besides the basic food group, there are some unique superfoods which are sold at most health food stores. And these natural superfoods are excellent for your health! For example, many people are not familiar with superfoods such as Chlorella, Matcha or Triphala. I will talk more about these in my upcoming superfood blog series. For now, I am just mentioning these three here, to give you a basic idea of the different types in existence.

Where do I start?

Since there are so many options, I can understand that it can get a bit overwhelming to decide which one to choose as part of your wellness routine. Especially, if you are someone who wants to start incorporating superfoods into your diet. And that is why, my intention is to introduce you to as many superfoods as possible through my upcoming blogs. Keeping this in mind, I want to begin by introducing you to a very basic, simple, and easy to find superfood. If you want to get into the good habit of including a superfood in your daily routine, wheatgrass is the one you can choose to start with. Wheatgrass is basically young grass belonging to the wheat family (Triticum aestivum). You can grow your very own wheatgrass too, both indoor or outdoor. Wheatgrass usually comes in the form of powder, liquid, capsule and tablets.

Numerous health benefits

It is good for your skin! You can actually use wheatgrass as an exfoliate for your skin, It renews your skin cells and helps treats acne as well as sunburn

It is great for your liver health as it is a good cleanser for the liver and boosts liver health

It is excellent for Thyroid Health. Anyone suffering from hypothyroid can benefit from this superfood by including it in their daily diet intake. It supports hormonal balance and boosts thyroid health.

It has anti-aging properties. It helps in renewing skin cells and maintain skin’s elasticity. It also revitalizes skin tone for a healthy and youthful appearance

Want brighter eyes? If consumed on a regular basis, it can enhance the white color and radiance of the eyes.

It has anti-inflammatory properties. It will help reduces swelling and inflammation in body and helps prevent body aches. According to research, if taken regularly it can eliminate inflammation in the body and boost immunity.

It has weight loss properties. Yes! Because wheatgrass is an excellent source of energy, if consumed on a daily basis, it can help you lose weight. It increases your energy level to the point where you have the stamina to hit the gym on a regular basis and for a longer period of time.

It helps prevent cancer and diabetes. Wheatgrass contains powerful elements to purify blood due to its oxygenating properties, which in turn prevents cancer. According to Holistic nutritionist Carina Parikh, a low oxygen environment yields cancer.

These are just a few health benefits of wheatgrass, there are multiple other ways in which wheatgrass boosts our health and well-being.

The amount of daily superfood intake

The rule of thumb is to always go with the recommended amount stated on the products. The powder form usually comes with a scoop and it is easy to measure with. You can mix it in your smoothies, juices or cold water.

Some tips & things to keep in mind

It is recommended that wheatgrass should be taken on an empty stomach with fresh fruits and vegetables. You might be thinking, well what happens if you take it after a meal? If taken after a meal, it can cause nausea and may not be suitable for your digestive health. Also, as a precaution, pregnant women, children and elderly should consult their doctor before including wheatgrass in their diet. Just remember to make sure, that when you do invest into this superfood, always purchase organic and USDA approved brand.

I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about one superfood from this blog. Can’t wait to share my next superfood blog with you! Let me know if you are you have a favorite superfood which you already include in your daily diet. Share your knowledge:)!

Namaste & stay healthy!


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