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Roasted Eggplant Dip

Lately, we have been loving Mediterranean food. Especially, Mediterranean style roasted veggies, chicken and of course dips. Although hummus is the most popular dip among the Mediterranean cuisine, and it comes many different flavors, I am not sure if many people are aware of another awesome and absolutely delicious dip that is made with eggplants. Yes! You will love the flavors of this roasted eggplant dish even if you are not very fond of eggplants. At least I did! This creamy dip is well known as baba ganoush in the Middle Eastern cuisine. I first tasted a version of this dip at Sammy’s wood fired pizza. Not to mention, I was a little hesitant to order it because of the “E” word. But I like exploring different foods, so I gave it a try and fell in love with it. I was amazed with the flavors and freshness. Ever since then, “Baba Ganoush” is a must have whenever we decide to eat Mediterranean. I started making this recipe at home and it has become a favorite for tapas night, paired with roasted veggies, and as a spread for wraps.

It is so enjoyable, and we are always short no matter how much I make. It is creamy, light, full of zesty flavors and so healthy for you. An absolute savory delight to enjoy with friends and family over a good conversation. Just saying! It also comes with great health benefits, as eggplants are known to be rich in phytonutrients which protect our cells. They are also rich in fiber and an excellent source of B vitamins which boost energy. Imagine eating something so delicious with such great properties. I hope you will try this recipe in your kitchen as if you have not experienced it yet, you are indeed missing out. Here is the printable recipe and you can also watch the recipe video on my youtube channel.


8 baby egplants

4-5 tbsp tahini sesame paste

2 large lemons for juice

1 tbsp roasted cumin powder

1 tbsp crushed garlic

4-5 stems fresh cilantra

1 tsp salt to taste

1 tbsp olive oil for garnish

1 pinch cayenne pepper for garnish


  1. Roast eggplants in the oven on broil setting for 10 to 15 minutes.

  2. Once eggplants are roasted, let it cool then peel and add to a bowl and mash,

  3. To the mashed eggplants, add tahini, garlic paste, cumin powder, lemon juice, chopped cilantro & salt to taste then mix well.

  4. Empty the dip in a serving bowl and garnish with olive oil and cayenne pepper before serving.


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