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Savory Protein Bites

These protein bites contain about 9 grams of protein each.

Here's the quick & easy recipe

Coat each mold of an oven safe muffin pan with oil. I used coconut oil spray here.

Add seven eggs, one & a half cups of Greek yogurt, Italian seasoning, & salt/pepper to taste to blender. Blend till you see a creamy consistency. Then fill each mold with the mixture.

Add a dash of Italian seasoning to each mold filled with mixture for extra flavor if you like.

Dice sweet red peppers.

Chop spinach & any greens you like.

Add the peppers & greens to each mold filled with mixture.

Bake at 375° for 15-20 minutes

Enjoy these with a dallop of sour cream or avocado slices!

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