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Mediterranean Buddha Bowl

Here is a DELICIOUS bowl of flavors which will satisfy your hunger and give you the perfect nourishment for your body. Pretty simple to put together. The dressing I made for this recipe was so zesty, which takes this bowl a level up.

One of the best things about this bowl is that it has a variety of nutrient dense foods, which makes it so perfect in so many ways. It is plant-based but chicken, eggs, beef or salmon can be added as well.

Here’s what you’ll need

One cup cooked quinoa

Half of medium sized red & green bell pepper

Half of yellow squash

1 cup boiled garbanzo beans

1-2 cups spring mix salad ( tear the leaves)

1-2 cups arugula

Olives, pomegranate seeds & tomatoes for garnish


1. Start by grilling or sauté the vegetables until half cooked. You don’t want to overcook.

2. Set aside when done to cool at room temperature.

3. Add the spring mix & arugula to a bowl

4. Add the garbanzo beans

5. Add the grilled veggies

6. Add the cooked quinoa, olives, pomegranate seeds & tomatoes

7. Garnish with a few dill leaves & set aside


Add 2 tbsp tahini, 1 tbsp olive oil, juice of one large lemon & salt/black pepper to a bowl

Whisk nicely till you get a thick & creamy consistency

Drizzle over the veggies in the bowl

Mix it all up till everything is coated with the dressing, then it’s ready to savor!


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